Newsletter 2017 was a great year with great new experiences. It was the year that both ladies of 3K took a leap of faith and decided to train full time. First and foremost we would like to welcome Zara Wright to the 3K Team. Zara has had a lifetime experience with horses and will be giving us a hand wherever it is needed in the future. We have many congratulations to give, with much exciting information, purchases, and rewards for the 2017 season. Lets start by congratulating all of our buyers... Kostrzewa family on their purchase of 2017 PB Arabian colt, "Bijoux Ambassador". We hope your daughter learns a lot from this experience. Kelly Hare and Alex Procter on their purchase of "Action Max". We cannot wait to see you two in the show ring this upcoming show season! Ashlynne Lobdell on her purchase of "Sunni". We are very pleased this young filly went to such a loving home that is willing and able to put the time into her she deserves. Kara Dykstra on her purchase of "Grand Jubilee". We hope you two can learn together and become a great team. Sierra Rose Farm on their purchase of "Zips Bonanza Miss" in foal to Another Blue Cookie for 2018. We look forward to seeing the foal this spring! Josie Shelton on her purchase of "SHS Mora Norusa". These two ended the 2017 show season with a bang, and 2018 will be even better! Josie will be stalled with us at most of the dressage shows this season. To move on to the many terrific horses from 2017... Thank you to Mike Ackerman for allowing us to work with "Foxy" this year. We enjoyed her company and we hope to see you two in the show ring in 2018! Jeanine Ralph and Star were an absolute joy to have around this summer! We enjoyed watching Star at fair under saddle and hope that they stick with it and we see them back in 2018! We welcomed back "Avion of Genesis" to the training team and show string for 2018. Avion will join us on our Kentucky trip, and will be showing at the National Pony Cup as well as Haflinger Nationals. We are thrilled to get the LaRoe family showing their boy! We enjoyed "Limited Edition Hotrod" owned by Cheryl and Bill Turner. "Lincoln" ended up showing western dressage at the end of 2017 and placed in all three of his classes. We cannot wait to see Cheryl in the show ring with this fancy gelding in 2018. Special thanks to Karen Patterson for allowing us to come help with "Sparrow". He has been a joy to work with and we hope to continue working with him into the 2018 show season. Congrats to Kathryn Michon and "TLA Sagacious" on a successful show year. It has truly been an honor watching you two learn with each other. Congratulations to Link to Pearfection Farm on a very successful first year out with "Golden Unique Link"! Link was started under saddle with us in October of 2016. Within the 2017 show year Link went on to get Overall Reserve Grand Champion in Training Level Novice Horse at the Wyn Dressage Series, as well as 3rd overall for Intro Level. We are very proud of this boy and wish for him to have a bright future ahead. Due North Haflingers had a succesful year as well with their stallion "Niagara YES" placing overall Grand Champion in Training Level Novice Horse. This was Niagara's second year out and we finished the season showing first level and schooling second at home. We hope to see Niagara YES showing second level in the 2018 show season. Look for Niagara YES at the MSU Stallion Expo in March of 2018 as well as Haflinger Nationals and Pony Cup at the Kentucky Horse Park! Theresa Shafer and "Windy" have made a lot of progress together this year! Theresa is taking the time to get back in the saddle after taking time off. "Windy" was also leased out to a lesson family that have done wonderful with him! We would like to welcome "AMB Moonshadow" to the 3K team and her owner, Melissa Temple. We plan to start both of their dressage show careers in 2018!! We would like to thank Sierra Rose Farms for allowing us the opportunity to work with their horses this year....all of them are magnificent and you have a truly amazing program that it has been an honor to be a part of. Hannah Emmendorfer showed that anyone can follow their dreams! She and "Athir Amira" made their show ring debut this year, showing in multiple classes. We are so proud of you and everything you have both accomplished this year. We cannot wait to see what 2018 has in store! "PA Versace Magic" was with us for a short time this show season getting thirty days of constancy and watching owner, Dawn Glover, sweep the show ring with her. 2018 has much in store for the two of you! It was an honor working with you both. The Mulinski (SHS) horses had a very successful year as well, with MA Lucky Star earning year end rewards in Halter and Performance. -2017 Grand Champion Half Arabian Open 5 and under -2017 Grand Chalpion Half Arabian Owner to handle -2017 3rd overall Native Costume -2017 perpetual award winner "Rising Star Award" with David Mulinski and Kelsie Rumisek. Diplomatic Immunity also took home a year end with only attending two shows. -3rd overall Intro Dressage with Kylie Helps We would also like to congratualate the Mulinski family on three new horses added to our team/show string! DHH Stallion "Imhoffer" making his debut in dressage spring of 2018 Haflinger mare "Rumor Has It of Genesis", making her debut in dressage spring of 2018, as well as showing at Haflinger Nationals and Pony Cup in July of 2018 at the Kentucky Horse Park. Half Arabian gelding "Smooth Jazzz". We hope for this to be Donna's western mount for the 2018 show season. We had the honor of adding PRE Stallion "Ecuador ART" (owned by Artista Andaluz) to our 2017 show string. Ecuador will be starting the 2018 show season at first level and is currently schooling second. We are excited to see what the future holds with this guy! Come check him out at the 2018 MSU Stallion Expo in March! The 3K Team made some of their own personal purchases this year, adding "Bet Onit" and "Mashallah Talima" to their team. Kylie will continue to show "Tuff Machismo" after having a very successful first year in the show ring, while adding "Mashallah Talima" with some english and light dressage. Kelsie will continue to show "JM Two Socks Rocks" and will be showing second level and schooling third at home. Chad Mulinski will be showing "Bet Onit" in Arabian Halter while Kelsie will begin his under saddle show career! We would like to formally welcome our riding students that we have gained in 2017... Derek Moon, Kara Moon, and Kilah Volker. These three fabulous riders have shown dedication like no other students I have had. We hope to find them all a horse to ride and show in 2018. Welcome to the 3K Team Kids!!

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