Newsletter 2020 was definitely not the year we expected but was still successful in many ways. First and foremost we would like to welcome our team, as we have grown we have had to expand our amazing 3K family. We would like to welcome Josephine Shelton as a head trainer at the facility as well as riding instructord and we are very excited to have her join us. We would like to welcome Kathryn Michon as more than a riding student! Kathryn has been riding with us for years and made the leap to want to work in the horse industry, she graduates this spring and has hopped on our team as a working student until then. Kathryn offers lessons and will continue to offer more services as her education in the horse industry progresses, by spring she will be a certified equine massage therapist and will be looking into saddle fit classes, as well as magnawave. We would like to welcome Jocelyn Plowman. Jocelyn is another riding student of ours that decided to jump on board with our working student program! In 2020 we were able to launch our obstacle clinics and our educational camps/days. Gping forward we will offer many more of these as well as try to hold other clinic type events at the facility. We cannot wait for 2021 as we have tons to offer, with a growing lesson program, training program, and so much more!

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