Chad Mulinski Chad grew up watching his mother and father show horses. He has a very natural seat and did some showing as a youth. Sports and technology were his true interests and while he does not ride, he is hands on daily with all the various activities of 3K. Chad is great at helping us with everyday tasks at the barn, including being the best "groom" possible at the shows. The new show year will bring Chad back into the showring as he will help handle some of the halter and in hand horses. 
Kelsie Mulinski - Trainer / Owner Kelsie was introduced to horses at a very young age. Her grandparents and mother owned, bred, and showed horses, cementing her love of horses from an early age. As she grew up she began showing at a 4-H level and involved herself with her schools’ equestrian team. Once she graduated high school, she went on to get certified as a photographer and work as an assistant manager at a local farm/feed store. Working at Family Farm and Home introduced her to the Mulinski family, who wanted some help exercising a couple of their show horses. From there, being introduced to a wide variety of breeds and disciplines, Kelsie's passion for the equestrian life grew even stronger. After a short but successful first year showing as a professional, other people began to show interest in her riding and training. Three years later she quit the store and started a full time training business, 3K Performance Horses. Meet the 3K Team
Kathryn Michon- Working Student Kathryn has had horses around her for as long as she can remember, due to her grandfather operating a safe haven for mustangs he would purchase from auctions and gentle, before sending them to new homes. “Kat” began taking riding lessons at 8 years old, where she rode and very lightly showed stock horses until the age of 12 in 2016. It was at this time that she met Kelsie and the Spectrum Horse Service team, and began riding and showing Arabians with 4-h, Equestrian Team, and the local breed circuit. Kat’s abilities and love for the sport and the animals has grown, and continues to grow exponentially, since then. Kat has ridden many disciplines with success and highpoint awards with multiple horses, and has taken on a working student position under Kelsie’s guidance. Kat plans to make her regional showring debut in 2021, and from there, her national ring debut. Kat’s favorite part of the horse industry is teaching young riders, and seeing how their “saddle time” impacts their confidence outside of the barn.
Jocelyn Plowman - Working Student Jocelyn has been working with horses for nearly five years now and has a few of her own. She has shown 4-h and has plans to do more in the future. 3k Performance Horses trained her personal horse "Max" a little over a year ago and she stuck with us ever since! Jocelyn is the catch all with everything, she is one of the main gears to making sure things run properly by keeping the horses living situation perfect, as well as being observant and exceedingly helpful with anything else we need!

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